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    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a hot topic on U.S. college campuses, but he’s also a controversial figure at Mount Royal University in harga mobil datsun Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where two students argued over a “Make America Great Again” hat in a video (below).

    In the viral video that was posted to Facebook on Sept. 15, Zoe Slusar confronts Matt Linder, who is wearing the hat, notes CBC News.

    “I’m not allowed to support a political candidate?” Linder asks.

    “You’re not allowed to share hate language in a university,” Slusar tells Linder.

    When asked why it is “hate language,” Slusar replies: “‘Make America Great Again’ means make America all harga ac sharp for white people: no immigrants, no people of different sexual orientation.”

    “His wife is an immigrant!” a second man states. “His wife is an immigrant! You just said no immigrants.”

    Slusar tells the second man that bigotry can still exist despite family ties, but the second man fires back : “You just harga mesin cuci said he doesn’t like immigrants, his wife is an immigrant. It’s illegal immigrants he doesn’t want.”

    While Trump’s wife Melania was born in Slovenia, Trump has repeatedly spoken out against undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

    In the video, Slusar tells Linder he has to remove his hat or else she is going to write the president of the university.

    Moments later, an unidentified young man in a long-sleeved shirt grabs the hat and tells Slusar to leave.

    In a written statement, Slusar later explained to CBC News why she disagrees with the hat:

    He is allowed to wear the hat. As a student, I disagree with what the hat represents. I have diverse friends (culturally and sexually) who would drop a class if the person wearing the harga kulkas sharp hat was sitting in the room with them, because they would feel unsafe. Given the deeper issues of intolerance and oppression represented by the hat, I disagree with it.

    University officials said in a statement: “We are aware of the post and will not comment on the specifics of this instance. Mount Royal University harga motor honda respects individuals who exercise their constitutionally-protected right to freedom of expression.”

    While Canada does not have a First Amendment, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows for free speech in general, according to Law Newz. Ian harga mobil chevrolet Soliterman, who filmed the incident and may have been the second male voice on the video, told the Calgary Sun that Slusar “big time overreacted.”

    “I’m all for freedom of speech and saying what you believe in, but when you’re infringing upon someone else’s freedom of speech, telling them to take off harga ac panasonic a hat, especially if it doesn’t directly offend anyone, it just says ‘Make America Great Again,'” Soliterman added.

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