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    A College Board report (Trends in College Pricing 2015) indicated that the recent five-year increase in tuition at Oklahoma public colleges and universities, by percentage, was among the highest in the nation. While these recent increases are directly correlated with the reduced funding of higher education by the state over the same period, there is more to the story on the cost of attending a public college or university in Oklahoma.

    First, Oklahoma’s average affordability level at its public colleges and universities is one of the lowest in the nation. Oklahoma had the 12th-lowest average public four-year tuition and fee price in 2015-16, which was nearly $2,000 below the national average of harga laptop hp $9,410. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks Oklahoma fifth in overall affordability of college. The real dollar cost increases in Oklahoma, given the relatively low costs to begin with, are much less than the simple percentage increase statistic would imply.

    Second, the actual cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room and board) is even lower. The U.S. Department of Education reports that Oklahoma’s four-year institutions have the third-lowest average student cost of attendance in harga laptop lenovo comparison to all other states. The actual dollar amount that a student pays to attend college is what matters most to students and families, and only two other states, according to this report, have a lower cost.

    Finally, maintaining high-quality public higher education comes with a cost, and not all of it can be covered by efficiencies and reform. Certainly there is room for cost saving initiatives throughout state government. However, Oklahoma’s colleges and universities have harga laptop acer a strong record in controlling costs, especially in technology, utilities and consolidated purchases. All of the colleges and universities in the state system have implemented a number of reforms to control the costs of attendance while seeking to maintain a quality college experience.

    Attracting and retaining the best faculty and staff, having up-to-date facilities, technology and equipment, and keeping up with even modest inflation requires funding from somewhere. If harga laptop asus it doesn’t come from the state, it either comes in the form of tuition increases or in deeper budget cuts in areas that may impact the overall quality of higher education in our state.

    Despite recent increases that are tied to the reduced funding by the state, attending a state college or harga laptop toshiba university in Oklahoma will still cost a student less than just about anywhere else in country.

    Sechrist is president emeritus of Oklahoma City Community College and former chairman of the Board of Trustees of the College Board.

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