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    More than 10 per cent of Georgian College students can’t afford to buy food.

    The Georgian Food Locker, the college’s student run food bank, is expected to feed about 1,800 students this year. That’s up 65 per cent from last year.

    “Life throws curveballs. They might have a part-time job and suddenly the hours have been reduced, or there might be a problem at home or suddenly their car isn’t working,” says Greg Taylor, a councillor at the college. “It could be a whole bunch of things.”

    Paulo Cardoso, a business marketing student, has used the Food Locker and says it’s the only way some students can eat.

    “I am not ashamed to ask for help for food. I am an international student I have my problems, but I work really hard,” harga tv led sharp he says. “I have some financial problems. Just to know that Georgian College is supporting me, it’s amazing.”

    Students fill out an online application and the requested food items are bagged.

    “It would go to a locker and they would pick that food up from a locker. So it’s a completely anonymous system. We never harga tv led polytron actually have interaction with the student,” says Avery Konda of the Georgian College student’s association.

    Students are allowed to use the food locker twice a month, but that might not be enough. More harga tv led samsung students than ever are also turning to the Barrie Food Bank for additional help.

    “We’ve seen an increase particularly in the last couple of years with a number of students utilizing our service. It used to be just in the harga tv led lg summer months, but now it’s every month of the year,” says Peter Sundborg, executive director of the food bank.

    There is a Georgian Food Locker drop-off centre just inside the library and there are other harga tv led murah food opportunities throughout the year with course and department food drives.

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